GOAL: Reactivate the nitrate contaminated Old Baldy Well and the Durward Well, and add new water supply to to the Pomona-Walnut-Rowland (PWR) Joint Water Line for blending with imported water

The Project involves the production of Six Basins groundwater by the Agency. This project will reactivate one nitrate contaminated groundwater well (Old Baldy) and an additional well (Durward,) and add produced water into the Pomona-Walnut-Rowland (PWR) Joint Water Line for blending with imported water in order to meet potable water quality standards. Once completed, the project will provide an approximately 1,856 AFY of additional groundwater supply.

Puente Basin Water Agency https://puentebasin.com
Puente Basin Water Agency https://puentebasin.com
  • Annual Yield: Up to 1,856 Acre Feet

(split 928 acre-feet each for Rowland and Walnut Valley Water Districts)

  • Supply: Six Basins

Leased local supplies.

  • Status: Completion in 2018

Pipeline from Old Baldy Well to Durward Well Site under design. Old Baldy Well rehab was completed summer of 2017. The Durward Well casing replacement construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2018. Well equipping fall 2018, project completion winter 2018. Initial project deliveries (Old Baldy) anticipated fall 2018.

Project Facilities

The Project includes the design and construction of the following facilities, which are necessary to connect production facilities to the Pomona-Walnut-Rowland Joint Water Line (JWL): (a) rehabilitation of the Old Baldy Well, owned by the City of La Verne, including associated electrical and motor control center upgrades; (b) a new production well; (c) approximately 4,000 feet of twelve-inch through twenty-inch diameter pipeline, running from the Old Baldy Well Site, at the intersection of 5th and C streets in La Verne, to a point of connection with the JWL at Fairplex Drive adjacent to Golden State Water Company’s (GSWC) Durward Well Site, north of Wright Avenue; (d) a sixteen-inch bypass structure, with a 16 inch flow control valve, located upstream of the Three Valleys Municipal Water District (TVMWD) Miramar connection to the JWL; (e) a forty-two inch bypass structure, with a 36 inch flow control valve and meter, located at the GSWC Durward Well Site (f) a twelve-inch connection to the JWL for GSWC at the Durward Well Site; (g) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system components at each facility.