Groundwater Management Plan Development

The Puente Basin Water Agency (PBWA) is a public agency formed joint powers authority between Walnut Valley Water District and Rowland Water District—pursuant to the Puente Basin Judgment and the Puente Narrows Agreement with the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District.

Groundwater within the Puente Basin is currently used for non-potable uses. There’s interest by PBWA to maximize the beneficial use of the Puente Basin in a conjunctive manner with its other water resources, which include imported water supplied from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, treated recycled water, and groundwater from adjacent basins. One of its main objectives is to increase its use of reliable, local water supplies, and decrease its dependence on less reliable, imported water supplies. PBWA is currently working on preparing a Groundwater Management Plan (GMP) that will guide the management of the Puente Basin to maximize the beneficial use of the Basin.

The GMP will be developed in a collaborative manner with the stakeholder group that reflects all interests within the Basin. Puente Basin stakeholders include:

Puente Basin Water Agency