GOAL: Connection to California Domestic Water Company’s transmission system and supporting infrastructure

The Agency has entered into a Water Production and Delivery agreement with the California Domestic Water Company for the delivery of up to approximately 5,000 acre feet per year of potable water from the Main San Gabriel Basin. Each member agency will equally share in the annual deliveries from this project, which is expected to provide 5,000 acre feet per year.

Puente Basin Water Agency
Puente Basin Water Agency


The project consists of the installation of a connection to California Domestic Water Company’s transmission system, a twenty-four inch flow meter, a block pump house building, five 250 horsepower vertical turbine pumps (1,250 gallons per minute each) chlorine and ammonia storage tanks, chlorine and ammonia feed pumps, chlorine analyzers, approximately 15,500 feet of 24-inch diameter cement mortar lined and coated steel pipe, and a pressure reducing station.

To view the project agreement, click here.

Annual Yield: Up to 5,000 Acre Feet

(split 2,500 acre-feet each for Rowland and Walnut Valley Water Districts)

Supply: Main San Gabriel Basin

Stored water previously purchased by the Districts (MWD untreated water) and stored in the Main San Gabriel Valley Basin. Per the terms of the Storage and Export Agreement signed on July 1, 2015, and Approved on September 4, 2015 between Puente Basin Water Agency and the Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster, up to 15,000 acre-feet of imported surface water can be stored in the Main San Gabriel Basin. Approximately 14,600 acre-feet of water currently stored by Rowland and Walnut Valley Water Districts.

Status: Deliveries in progress

The 24-inch diameter pipeline and the pump station, including chloramination facilities completed. Construction of pressure reducing station was completed summer 2016. Water deliveries began summer 2016.