About Us


Integrate plans and solutions that foster a unified, long-term vision for the Puente Basin

Identify and pursue water supply projects to further the Agency’s mission

Develop initiatives that support vibrant communities in the member agencies
Facilitate collaboration among water managers across the region
Secure supplemental funding and influence legislation for the region


Optimize use of local water supplies and reduce the members’ reliance on imported water
Improve water quality across the region and enhance water supply reliability
Coordinate regional projects to maximize basin-wide water production and build cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders
Evaluate opportunities to provide surplus water to other purveyors and secure position as regional water management leaders


1971: JPA between Rowland Water District and Walnut Valley Water District

JPA between Rowland Water District and Walnut Valley Water District organized for the protection and utilization of the local, imported and recycled water supply within Puente Basin.

1972: Puente Narrows Agreement

Puente Basin Water agency and Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District enter into the Puente Narrows Agreement.

1986: Puente Basin Judgment

Puente Basin adjudicated.

2009: JPA is fully restated

JPA is fully restated between Rowland Water District and Walnut Valley Water District.

2012: Regional Water Supply Reliability (RWSR)

Regional Water Supply Reliability (RWSR) Program begins delivering water supplies

2014: La Habra Heights County Water District

Potable deliveries from La Habra Heights County Water District Pipeline Project begin

2016: California Domestic Water Company

Potable deliveries from California Domestic Water Company begin

2017: Old Baldy Well

2017: Old Baldy Well rehabilitation complete

2019: Durward Well

2019: Planned completion Durward Well construction



Administrative Officer

Jared Macias serves as the Assistant General Manager for Walnut Valley Water District. In this capacity, he supports the General Manager in overseeing all functions of the District’s administration and operation, in concert with the priorities of the Board of the Directors. Macias has over 15 years of progressive experience in water management, serving in leadership roles at municipal departments, regulated utilities, and industry associations.


Assistant Administrative Officer

Tom Coleman was appointed General Manager of Rowland Water District in December 2014 after serving as the District’s Assistant General Manager.  As General Manager, he reports directly to the Board of Directors and provides leadership and direction to the team of 26 hard-working professionals. Setting an example in his field, Mr. Coleman is personally committed to building Rowland Water District’s position as a best in class organization and maintaining its impact as a leader in the region.